I clearly see the reason for open book tests, they teach you to use your resources, but the total point of tests and quizzes is to test your mind without help. amirite?

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No, it's non-open-book tests that test that, but open-book tests test you to use the book properly.

No book = memory/understanding
With book = research

Suppose it depends on what your doing. Im doing Law at uni and it would be pretty usless learning statutes and cases by heart.Wat they want to test is your legal reasoning and method..In the real world you get help and resources...its what you do with them that matters.

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Anyone can rote learn though...Just because you have learned 'Animal Farm' by heart, doesnt mean you understand it or can write a good essay and its those qualties that they want to test. Not whether you remember every characters name or whatever...
Personally i hate open book tests becuse generally they expect higher standards of work!

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