Sometimes the best therapy is watching animals do their thing in their natural habitat; like watching birds make a nest or horses grazing, amirite?

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Dwight's Schruting

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Combo's Breaking

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ohh see when you said "their thing" i assumed you meant peeing or pooping i was like "ohh shit another joke of joke that i fail to understand"

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Penguins sliding

Pickles fermenting.

Onions Caramelizing

People using semicolons incorrectly

@Lanz People using semicolons incorrectly

You're just out to destroy everyone aren't you.

@Chapstick You're just out to destroy everyone aren't you.

Not trying to destroy everyone. Just giving my opinions and pointing out incorrectly used punctuation.

NotSoDangerouses driving Hondas.

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My horny cats humping eachother…

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Was not expecting that last bit.

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