Go to maps.google.com. Search Osama Bin Laden hideout compound Bilal town, Abbottabad Pakistan. Click the first link on the left. Scroll down and click on More Reviews by Google Users and read the reviews. You're laughing, amirite?

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Don't tell me what to do.

Why don't you just give us the direct link instead of these complicated set of instructions.

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Nobody actually did this, amirite?

Go to Google. Search "My Life Is Average." Click the first link. Create an account. Re-post this there.

Nevermind. I found it. It's basically people talking about how they enjoyed their visit. It's really sarcastic. It's kind of funny, I guess, but not exactly HILARIOUS.

Am I on MLIA?

@trackerjagker Am I on MLIA?

Don't worry, go back to sleep child, and when you wake up everything will be alright.

What happens? I'm too lazy~

@iamganontheumbreon What happens? I'm too lazy~

Stuff like:

"Amazing food, and a most excellent hotel. I even got to chill with Osama. He seemed pretty cool about the whole thing. He made me dinner, we played Xbox, and I went out drinking with one of his guards. We got totally wasted. Osamas assistant Abdul kept giving me the eye, but I honestly(hopefully) think it was the booze. Osama and I got along great. In fact, we even hacked into the Playstation network as a prank. At night though, some guys busted in with guns and I heard helicopters. I think it was the immigration services. They're so cruel to immigrants sometimes. So I decided to check out before they found the Mexican hooker in my room. But is there some way I can be allowed back into the compound? I left my porn stash in there." First example

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Man, I regret this post

This comment was deleted by its author.

Still not working.

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