Love isn't about ridiculous little words. Love is about grand gestures. Love is about airplanes pulling banners over stadiums, proposals on jumbo-trons, giant words in sky writing. Love is about going that extra mile even if it hurts, letting it all hang out there. Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn't even know was there, amirite?

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You obviously don't know what love is. Love is taking the trash out for your mom when you know she had a long day, it's holding back from saying that little comment that will ruin your friend's day, it's picking up your significant other's favorite flavor of ice cream even though you don't really like it. Love is about denying the selfishness of human nature because you love a person enough to do that little something for them.
The sweet feeling of a grand gesture will fade in time, the little sacrifices permeate forever. You have some growing up to do.

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That was a very eloquent piece of crap.

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Love is about the little things. That's like saying if your significant other doesn't go all out with elaborate wastes of time, energy, and resources, then they don't love you.

Shugahs avatar Shugah No Way +58Reply

This is the movie definition of love. Real love is caring about someone more than you care about yourself. Human nature is so selfish that if you can get over yourself enough to value another life over your own you can call it love.

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One time we were all talking about love and shit and my friend asked how you can tell if someone loves you back and my other friend said "You dont, because it's not about you." I thought that was deep hah.

You do know the second half of your post contradicts the first half, right?

And you're petty.

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I let it all hang out once... But then she called the cops.

Lmao, this is the first time I've ever seen someone say that money=love.

I'm sure that celebrities can afford airplanes writing proposals in the sky, and their relationships always work out so well! Love isn't about getting the most extravagant things you can for your partner, it's about giving your partner what means the most to him/her, and maybe all you have to give each other is loving words or a hand to hold.

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Gee, I don't have enough money to get your name written in the sky, I guess I don't love you enough...

This sounds like commercial love.

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Little Manhattan!

I can't afford airplanes and banners, so can I just write it on my love's facebook wall? ):

This is a quote you have to interpret. To me the quote about saying what you feel and mean. Not beating around the bush. Just saying "I Love You," and truly meaning it. Letting all your feelings out in the open to the person you care about.

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Little Manhattan!! <3 <3

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@Little Manhattan!! <3 <3

already been stated. ^^

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Look, its just a quote from a movie. But its also an opinion too. If you dont agree then you just dont. Love is interperted differently by everyone. "If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all" GO LITTLE MANHATTEN! =D <3

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@PurpleGumDrop thank you! It's a quote from the movie Little Manhattan! I was just putting it out there. I appreciate everyone's opinions though. I loved the movie and this quote seemed to be the most popular one.

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@This site is for opinions, not ridiculously stupid quotes you fucking dumbass.

yeah as much as I dislike this quote and find it hard to understand, I think that this chick has the right to post it if she want. Like you said this site is for opinions and if she has to take thoughts from movies cause she doesn't have her own don't stop her.

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