It seems a little ridiculous that Pepsi and Coca-Cola spend billions of dollars in advertising each year. You don't care how cool the commercials are or how often you see them, it's still not going to make you buy Pepsi if you prefer Coke more. amirite?

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Id still drink coke even if there weren't any commercials.

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I think there might be more to it, like they could be reminders of the product so you would get it next time you go to the supermarket. I don't know much but that's why people study marketing and they sure have marketing teams who have studied that

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Actually, there's this thing called the "False Experience Effect", which means that ADS can slyly weave fictional experiences into our real lives. For example, I can be at a very memorable football game and see a flamboyant coke add. Years later, I remember the game and recall having an affiliation with coca cola, and feel nostalgic for a drink I've never drank. So, if it comes to me picking between coke or pepsi at a store, I'll pick the one I have an emotional attachment. It's fucking brainwashing neuroscience.

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