Owning a pool is way overrated. It takes a lot of labor and money for it to actually stay clean, and even then it's not the same as going to a public pool or beach with your friends. amirite?

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But if you have your own pool, you don't have to worry about people you don't like being there

But I sort of feel like public pools just turn into a communal bathtub after a while, and that can be avoided with your own pool that grungy strangers don't have access to.

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I would gladly pay to own a pool if it meant that I didn't have to follow rules and have gross/annoying/too many people there with me.

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I can see why a lot of people see it as an advantage, but personally, I'd rather just live near a public pool than own one. ( I like pools for jumping into them and stuff but beaches (specifically lakes) are nice and calm)

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I hate public pools because you can't do certain things (like dive, do handstands, and other stuff) and you can have whoever you want whenever you want. You can swim in your own pool at 3 in the morning naked. You sure can't do that at a public pool. Personally, I prefer pools to beaches because the sand just gets in my swimsuit and I really don't like swimming in natural water. It just kind of grosses me out/scares me.

Public pools=swimming in other people's piss. Like seriously. They probably just dig it out, pour in blue dye, and let the community fill it up themselves.

Nah, I'd prefer my own pool.

You have no idea what bodily fluids people have left behind in public pools, what hygenic problems they may have, what they do in there... what if someone has a nasty infection or a weeping cut or something?

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Try skinny-dipping in a public pool...I dare you.

Hey at least if its your own pool you don't have to worry about not noticing a dead body in it cause the water is so murky... nice job Mass public pools.

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