A man shouldn't be judged by the size of his dick, but instead by the size of his heart. After all, without good blood flow you probably can't keep it up anyway, amirite?

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I'm guessing you just have a small dick Coday.

Whats average dick size?

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@Whats average dick size?

According to my extensive research, it's around 5-6 inches.

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@Whats average dick size?

The average penis size is 5.5 inches. The average penis size of men who google average penis size is 3.5 inches.

~Bo Burnham

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@Whats average dick size?

pretty much 6 inches.

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@Coday pretty much 6 inches.

So your dicks 7 inches, thats not that bad.

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@1327013 (PURPLEluvscliches): No im about an inch above average :/ which isn't amazing, but im no tiny penor guy.The more you know!

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Hey there. It's above average, tough guy! Also trolls are the blood that keeps this country running. Keep at it.

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lol you guys are arguing over dicks? rly?

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heart sure shoulders also, how much can you carry troubles of your own plus helping others.

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