Posts=status upates, you can like or dislike them; groups; profiles/profile pics; following friends; home; liking, dislikinge comments; showing who liked what; Messages;Chat. Amirite is becoming more like Facebook/Twitter; amirite?

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did you really use "home" as a criteria for why amirite is becoming like Facebook or Twitter?

You can't dislike statuses, you can't put statuses into groups, most websites nowadays have profiles and profile pictures and facebook hardly came up with that concept, every single website has a homepage, you don't like on amirite, you can't dislike comments on facebook, it would be really dumb if you couldn't see who "liked" what, and you can't group chat on facebook's messages.

I'd also like to point out that everything you listed except for groups has been on the site for ages, so how is it "becoming" like them in the present tense if most of those happened a long time ago?

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@Agree with your statement, but you can group chat on facebook.

I think that went away with the new message=chat system, didn't it?

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Oh. Either way, Facebook hardly created group chats. :P

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Not to mention the fact that you can have PROFILE PICTURES!!! The nerve of web developers these days.


I said it as a good thing.

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Only it isn't.

I got too distracted by the raping of the semi-colon to read this post.

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The only NEW thing about this is the groups. Otherwise amirite has had all those things since it began, you nincompoop.

The keyboard called. He wants his semicolons back.

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How is it anything like twitter?

I already inb4ed this.

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