There is nothing scarier than finding a spider in your car. You are trapped in a small space, forced to let it watch you, planning... amirite?

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Being lit on fire is scarier.

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@Jelly_Jar Being lit on fire is scarier.

I wouldn't know, but I imagine it would be. I was going more for everyday occurrences, because obviously there are things scarier, like being shot at, or falling from a great height. But finding a spider in the car can happen to anyone, at any time.

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Having a bee in your car is way worse. You can watch a spider to make sure it doesn't go anywhere, but a bee will just fly around like crazy and get in your way! Then it will get frustrated because there's no escape!! Then it will land on you and you will be forced to stay cool and not move, because if you move a muscle it'll STING YOU!!!!!

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