Fuck white people, all they do is invade other nations and bitch about how hard black people make their lives. Get cultured bitches, amirite?

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Yeah, all white people suck! Cause race completely defines who you are! Come to think of it, my white buddies and I were planning on annexing a poor, non-white country later, just for the hell of it (also cuz we're white lolololol)! I sure hope that no black people mess it up!

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@Yeah, all white people suck! Cause race completely defines who you are! Come to think of it, my white buddies and I...

Also, screw culture! Everyone knows that white culturew is genetically superior to all others cultures ever! Why should I waste my precious white person time learning about inferior cultures?!? I prefer to use it invading other countries and complaining about those darned black people!

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Those white people, I hate it when they think they can be white without a black person's permission!

If I remember correctly, the Huns invaded and took over other countries. So did the Japanese during WWII. Also, your use of the term 'White' is vague.

@invasion and attacking are not synonymous.

They invaded and took over. I didn't say anything about attacking.

Yeah, those stupid white people! They're always messing shit up!

....wait. I'm white.

Well, that explains a lot.

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I bet a white person made this post.

Lawl your username really makes the post.


@Shugah trololololololol

for a minute there I thought your usermame was ThisIsWhyImWhite heheh

HOW did this get homepaged?

Americans invade other countries? Excuse me, I'm at Niagara Falls right now and yesterday New York City and a few days ago I was in Washington DC and I have never heard/seen so many foreign people in my entire life until this week. Nobody in those three places I named speak english. They speak alll different kinds of languages because they're from all different kinds of countries.

go drink some tea and take deep breaths

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Obvious troll is obvious

Maybe racist rednecks and hicks, but when you were raised in the ghetto, that's a whole different culture, with a bunch of racist black people.

If you live where there's an abundance of white people, you probably belong to the same offending invasive country. You're being just as bad by posting this as any white person who's made your life tough. Culture depends on the person, not their race.

Fuck you!

I know white ppl suck!! They all have beards

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