Some day, your name will be considered an old people name, just like Edith. amirite?

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...That's my grandmas name :(

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"Samuel" is sort of old-fashioned, so people from our generation shortened it to "Sam". If "Sam" becomes old fashioned.... will future generations shorten it to "S"?????

It's hard to imaine the day Megan is considered an old lady name but it's so trendy that there's no doubt it will become one.

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I like the name Edith...I should bring the name back

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My name is already an old people name :(

I was just waiting for someone to say that their name is Edith

Nope, my name will be original as long as I live.

My name is already old fashioned.

I can never see my name as being an old person name. It just seems somewhat childish to me. But no one here knows my name so this comment is mostly just me talking to myself.

Not necessarily. Names like "Sarah" were popular a while ago, just as they are now. Maybe some names will be outdated, but some will still stay classics.

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I think my name is sort of old fashioned. It's original so it might not get overused, but it's still old fashioned.

Elizabeth already is, which is why I go by Lizzie.

thats my moms name D:

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Black families will have it weirdest of all. Imagine being a kid and you intruduce your grandparents "DeSean and Shaneequa."

@brownboy not all african american families name their children ridiculous names.

Everyone already has a grandma named Mary

@Mary Everyone already has a grandma named Mary

Maryjane. She has glaucoma. She gets medical marijuana. Irony?

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That's why I put a question mark. I wasn't sure if it was irony. HERP DERP.

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