You kind of don't get why people are so sad about Harry Potter ending, it already ended when the last book was written. Yeah the last movie's coming out, but you were way more invested in the books than the movies, amirite?

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Yes people were more into the books, but now there wont be much more to it, and it feels like a huge part of childhood is ending for those people who grew up reading them.

Well, now there won't be many big events, like premieres, to anticipate and celebrate with friends and other HP fans. Like, when the last book ended, fans were terribly sad at the end, but we realized that there were still 2 more books to be turned into movies, so we didn't fully admit to the end. It's just kind of all over now and it's very sad.

Pottermore though... there's always pottermore

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@thenat Pottermore though... there's always pottermore

and the Harry Potter amusement park in Florida!

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@annie and the Harry Potter amusement park in Florida!

Have you been there? It seemed to me like it wouldn't have much revisit value, considering there are 3 rides, 1 of them sucks, and most of the stuff they sell wouldn't be worth paying for even if it wasn't overpriced.
Says the kid $90 worth of wands in his house.

you obviously arent a huge harry potter fan. for alot of people harry potter was a huge part of their childhood. so when this last movie comes out its the end of an era, a decade of one of the biggest movie franchises. also the end of many people's childhoods.

I heard that because Harry Potter is so big now, in like 30-50 years they're gonna re-print the books and re-do the movies so that the next generations can experience it too.

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