It would be cool if all babies were just given a number or something at birth to be used until the child was old enough to decide what their name should be. The in-between process could be a little weird though. amirite?

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No because then they will choose an awful name when they are young that they will regret.

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old enough to pick their own name doesn't mean old enough to pick a good name. this was a joke on 30 rock when a guy raised his kids this way. someone else told him it was idiotic & he said "no! my son, spiderman, turned out just fine, thank you very much!"

I'd much rather just be handed a name than have to pick my own; that would be way to much pressure.

The kid would never be able to decide on a name. They'd want something when they were 5 and then regret it for the rest of their lives.


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