It sucks when your contact lens dries out, then you moisten it, then dries out again within the next 5 seconds, amirite?

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I think you need a better brand, this has never happened to me

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That never happens to me, I guess I have good contacts

It's worse when you're at school and can't moisten it, so you walk around trying to subtly conceal this crazy eye twitch.

you need new contacts, bro.

I think this happen with those people that use low quality contact lenses or buying them without the prescription of an eye doctor. I have been wearing Air Optix contact lenses that you can explore on http://www.contactlensheaven.com/air-optix.html since 10 year and really don’t face such condition yet. I believe you need to go and replace such lenses as soon as possible before it creates severe trouble in your eyes.

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