Gamers: You fall into one of three categories when you play call of duty. The kid who yells, "Shut tha fuck up kid!" the second anyone says anything. The kid who try's to reason with that kid about how dumb he sounds. Or the one that sits back, laughs, and rapes the first guy. amirite?

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You forgot the fourth category: the kid who pauses, brings a bowl of chips and then dirties the controller.

Nope, I play minecraft.

@TristantheGreat Nope, I play minecraft.

I have heard people say good things about that. What's it like.

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I quickly learned that the mute button is my friend. I never listened to another troll ever again.

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Female gamers are a myth. Just like lesbians. Both created by the porn industry.

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I'm the second one unless I'm pisses then imthe 1st one and if I am playing with friends I'm the 3rd one

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If my parents are home then I'm the 3rd one.
If not then I'm the 1st for sure!!

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