Even though she's a sadistic loony, you love Bellatrix Lestrange, amirite?

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I think the woman who plays her in the movies plays her really well! The character really makes me laugh aha Love her!

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she is pretty much the coolest (fictional) bad ass ever. Next to Lady Macbeth

She's hot. Admit it.

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LOL "sadistic loony." XD

Stuffs avatar Stuff No Way +3Reply

I fucking hate that bitch.

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I would like her if she didn't torture Mr./Mrs. Longbottom.

I love Helena Bonham Carter, the amazing actor. I don't love Bellatrix Lestrange, the psychopathic murderer.

hahaha.... yes. yes I do.

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The actor looks almost exactly like my old piano teacher.

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@The actor looks almost exactly like my old piano teacher.

My old piano teacher looked like Luna if Luna wore too much facial glitter.

She killed Sirius soooo.. no.

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