It would be really weird to see someone you know on a porn site. You would want to tell someone but anyone you tell would ask why you were on the porn site in the first place, amirite?

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Just tell them you got stuck in a pornado.

Anonymous +20Reply

Porn sites are how I make friends

Anonymous +11Reply

"Why were you watching porn?" "Because I appreciate a good story accompanied by good special effects -- it's because I was horny udumbitch!"

Anonymous +9Reply

Helllllll-no! I'm telling errr'body. Over the hills and everywhere!

I'd just look at them and be like "Fapping, you prude."

Vitaes avatar Vitae No Way +8Reply

I share my favorite pornos with my friends. It would be awesome to see someone I knew

I don't think anyone asks "Why were you watching porn?"

A friend told me?

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