There's literally nothing worse than having a relative with Alzheimer's, amirite?

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Having two relatives with Alzheimer

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The Holocaust

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Having Alzheimer's, being raped, getting herpes, getting herpes from your rapist...

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Almost being murdered at the age of 1 by a dark wizard and surviving, but with both of your parents dying and having the wizard stalk and try to kill you for nearly 7 years of your life. And in the mean time, your best friend is a ginger.

As opposed to figuratively ...

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I understand how it is very terrible, and every family goes through their own difficulties, but I'm sure there are far worse people out there then you. And what about the person who has the disease? Don't make it all about yourself.

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not having any relatives

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Having a relative KILL YOU

You being dead. But hey, then you'd have no clue they had alzheimers!

It may not be literally the worst thing, but this post is much more meaningful to the people who have/ had very close relatives with alzheimers.

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Anecdotal evidence required.


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they said dead not dieing.

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The Holocaust was pretty bad too, man.

The Hiroshima bombing

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@LauraHernandez Copy cat

Sorry, I didn't see yours. My mistake.

And yes, I used "literally" correctly.

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@And yes, I used "literally" correctly.

(Your+name+(optional)): If you used it correctly, then you don't really have much of an imagination.

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