Pakistan is upset about the USA attacking Osama bin Laden's compound without Pakistan's knowledge or approval, but when we send them millions of dollars in aid a month, we have the right to stop by and catch a criminal who declared war on the United States, amirite?

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The main reason they care is because the death of Osama has given Pakistan the worst backlash; they are having bombing and terrorist attacks by the dozens. Terrorists terrorize other places,too, not just America. If they had been told before hand maybe they could've handled the attacks better.

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In other words, the U.S. basically declared, "Screw the rules, I have money!"

I agree that America has the right to catch him, but isn't that kinda like giving a gift to someone and then barging into their house saying it's alright because you gave them a gift?

I never knew that USA gives money to Pakistan. But the money only goes to the government, cause it's such a corrupted country.

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