It would be hilarious if you ordered a drink at a drive thru and when they handed it to you, you let it slip through your fingers and you burst into tears. Then when they give you another one, you do it again, then whisper "I'm so thirsty" and drive off. Amirite?

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This mad me so happy. I laughed for a full 5 minutes. "I'm so thristy." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous +16Reply

I laughed pretty hard. XD

yesyouarerites avatar yesyouarerite Yeah You Are +14Reply

This would be funny as a comedy skit but if someone in real life did it that's just straight up bitchy.

528491s avatar 528491 No Way +13Reply

Viewer video of the week on tosh :) someone needs to do this :D

Paigeperkkks avatar Paigeperkkk Yeah You Are +11Reply

This made me laugh way harder than it should've

Anonymous +8Reply

I saw this on Tumblr like a week ago. :l

Anonymous +4Reply

YouTube video thumbnail

Same concept, and hilarious.

Ok. Why are people voting my comment down? Cant one of yall just explain it?

@_Jojo_ Because it would be an odd thing to happen.

Well yea i know that. I just dont find it funny. Im not trying to mean or rude or anything. I promise! Im just saying.

Why is this making me laugh so hard?!

I cannot stop laughing. I can picture my friend Sean doing this. "I'm... Just... I'm just so thirsty. sigh"

Vaxeds avatar Vaxed Yeah You Are -1Reply

drink dump ditching. odd....

Anonymous -2Reply

Uhhh... Call me blonde. But, i dont get it...

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