You can't help but wonder why, in most movies about ancient/foreign people, the characters speak english with a british accent, amirite?

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Because you can't talk in Arabic in a British accent

Because once upon a time Great Britain was in just about every country. Especially those in Africa, the middle east, Asia etc. The teachers on those countries would have learned their English from a Brit and thus developed a British accent.

Because English in Europe (and Asia, I suppose) is taught from British English, with all those spellings and all that are different from the American. I say it's because England is closest and therefore most teachers come from there. It's always been this way and it's probably going to continue.

Because the movies you usually watch have people from Europe in it, or Asian countries that had British rule during some period of time. The rest of the world is taught British English, not American English.

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I see the exact opposite. American goes to pretty much anywhere in the world except England, and they speak with an American accent, or an American person trying to put on an Australian accent or something.

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