sometimes you wish there is a crying room in your school or college, a place where you just go into to cry the shit out of yourself, then get out as nothing ever happened. amirite?

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It'd be awkward if you walked in and there was someone else in there crying though. How would that work? Would you awkwardly back out and wait your turn? Would there be a line outside of the 'crying room' full of people frantically gulping and blinking, or would there be people on all sides of the room breaking down into tears? How about stalls? Would there be plenty of tissues and a mirror so we could touch up our makeup?
These are the questions...

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It's called the "bathroom"

@gosh It's called the "bathroom"

Well OP did say "cry the shit out of yourself"

yes, it is a dream of ours to cry, while the music of someone shitting or taking piss being played in the background.

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I just liked that you said "cry the shit out of yourself". it made me laugh.

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The room would have to be soundproof though. If my school had one of these, I swear every time I'd walk by it I'd just fall to the ground in laughter. Does that make me a bad person that I'd get ENJOYMENT from the sound of a bunch of people crying? Nah, I don't think so.

One time I was having a reeeeallly bad day and about to burst into tears. Bathrooms are no good because you get lots of concerned bleeding hearts waiting for you to come out so that they can comfort you. So knowing all the counsellors were teaching, I went and sat in one of their offices. 100% soundproof. Very useful.


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