You listen to AM radio. FM is just sooo dumb, right? amirite?

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What are you, a hipster?

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Yeah music is soooo lame

they be trollin'
we be hatin'

stop making shit posts.

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haha? ur not funny ...

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I hate all radio stations. They all play crap or commercials.

Sattelite radio for me

I listen to CDs.

@Retooser I listen to CDs.


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How exactly does that make me a hipster? With a CD, it has music I know that I like without the annoyance of commercials every two minutes.

I'd say it really depends on where you live, they just dumped two of my favorite radio stations where I live, and even though I can preset up to 12 in my car I only have 3 I use. I'll listen to AM to get my news, but mostly I listen to my ipod.

This person seems new.

Haha, awwee, leave the poor hipster alone. :p

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