Bowling shoes could easily be made to look nicer, like a normal pair of trainers with grippy soles. they are made to look as foul as possible just to make everyone feel stupid wearing them, amirite?

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Its to make sure peole return them or something. Or to make it more noticeable when you walk out with them on

I like to think they're supposed to put everyone on even ground. That girl with the great legs in heels? Put her in bowling shoes, oh look, her legs are just kind of all right.

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I've seen bowling shoes that look pretty decent, actually. I think it depends on where you look. The generic ones you use in the bowling alley are supposed to be obnoxiously ugly.

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Yeah i know, but even ones that you can buy are the same. They don't even grip that much better than normal trainers (i played in them last week).

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The ones you rent at bowling alleys will always be ugly. But you can buy some nice ones. My sister has a pair that look just like white cheer shoes with pink lips on them.

The World Bowling Centre has some pretty awesome fluorescent ones. My entire family got them except me, I had the ugly boring ones.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, i'll look into getting myself a pair even though i only go about 5 times a year, i think it'll be worth it.

And btw, if they girl has nice legs, it doesn't matter what shoes she has on. And in all fairness if you can see her legs, she must have a skirt or shorts on, so most guys would probably be looking at her ass anyway.

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