With all the shit Max pulls, you almost expect Ruby to snap one day. "DAMMIT MAX JUST PUT YOUR FUCKING TOYS AWAY ALREADY!", amirite?

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I know. I actually expect Max to snap one day and push her down the stairs.

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Max and Ruby....Ruby and Max!

jaydakinssss avatar jaydakinsss Yeah You Are +15Reply

I was babysitting last week and watched what felt hourssss of Max and Ruby. I would have already beat Max.

karen_xoxos avatar karen_xoxo Yeah You Are +10Reply

thatd be hilarious.... id record that and put it on youtube

Ebony_Ways avatar Ebony_Way Yeah You Are +6Reply

It's good to know that I'm not the only person that is way to old to watch this show, but is entertained by it anyways :)

Splashs avatar Splash Yeah You Are +5Reply

I find this hilarious XD I used to love that show so much.

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Max is a little brat

@niemann2006 Max is a little brat

I felt nice because I was the first person to like it.

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Who are Max and Ruby??

@Chips Who are Max and Ruby??

They're cartoon bunnies from a nickolodeon show. Ruby is always bossing around her little brother Max even though she's only like five or seven. Max doesn't listen because he's like two and she's always making him do annoying crap or acting like their mom. Sometimes she's right, but usually she's just treating him like a toy.

You would make an amirite? for a show that's made of 2-6 year olds. :)

applestoappless avatar applestoapples Yeah You Are 0Reply

usually max is just playing with his toys, or being a kid and Ruby tries to boss him around, so he'd be just as likely to snap.

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