It's awesome when people think that you're several years older than you are... they always seem so shocked when you tell them your real age, amirite?

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Exactly, people always think I'm 310 but I'm only 306 smirk smilie

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Opposite for me. WHAT?!?! YOURE 17? You look 14.


@Shortstopmwd Opposite for me. WHAT?!?! YOURE 17? You look 14. FUCK

I'm with ya. When I was 18, I was told I looked 12. Now I'm 25 and they say I look 18...

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Heh, people think that I'm older than my 19 year old sister - I'm 16. I actually had to convince a guy the other day that I'm still at school.

Last time I was at Penn state college guys were checking me out d smilie &no I'm not vain I wasn't the one to notice first.
I was just 13 then.
Someone asked if I went there, as well.

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no, I'm fairly young and I love to be thought of as younger than my age.

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Naw :/ I'm 16 and people have told me I look like I'm 12. Curses.

I can pass for 11 at restaurants, because I'm so midgety, but at school whenever I'm in a multigrade class everybody thinks I'm either grade 11 or 12. I'm in grade 9.
I think it's awesome :D

@SpellCheck I can pass for 11 at restaurants, because I'm so midgety, but at school whenever I'm in a multigrade class...

I would say me too, but I'm not really that midgety. I'm the only freshman in half of my classes, so that kind of helps it.

I've been told that I look younger than my age, but act older.

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Im 15, and everyone says I look 12. :/ It's pretty annoying.

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Once a girl in my class asked what grade I was in. When I told her I was 14 and a freshman she was totally shoked because she thought I was at least 16.....It doesnt help that Im 6 feet tall either....

You'll feel differently when you hit 30

I have never looked my age. When I was a baby people apparently thought I was newborn when I was actually 6 months. At a local festival a guy thought I was 8. I was 13.

People can't decide if me or my sister is older. She's eight years older than me.

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In not very fun. I was at this party a while back and this hot guy was talking to me. Then he asked what year I graduated and I told him that I hadnt graduated yet. Then he said "Let me guess, youre a senior." and then I had to say "Nope, Im a freshman. . ." He then did that "Ohhhh . . ." thing then walked away.

i feel ya :]

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Story of my life.
Some people don't believe me when I tell them I'm only 14.

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until you're actually old

On my 11th birthday the waiter at the restraunt thought I was 16, and both my grandma and mom were there scolding him.

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Yeah I'm 18, so I'm pretty young for a college student, and I work with a bunch of people at my school who are all 21,22,23, etc, and they're all shocked to find out I'm only 18 and they all think I'm 21 or 22

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I'm 13 and people always think I'm 15 or 16

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Apparently when I was a freshman (last school year), everyone thought I was a junior. So when I came back this year in 10th grade people were like, wtf?

I'm 16 and people have told me they thought I was 21 -.-

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