It's kinda messed up how girls use a whole bunch of make-up to make their eyes look bigger but people with actual big eyes get made fun of, amirite?

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"You see, you have really big eyes, and that freaks me out." slaps soda out of guys hand

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I have really big eyes and I've never gotten a negative comment on them.

I rarely get made fun of for my eyes, actually. But a friend's brother used to say they were "like half the size of her whole face!" in a negative way.

I have really big eyes and all I get are compliments

people say they are freaky

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I wouldn't ever make fun of someone for that, natural big eyes are stunning, but i think the girls who have naturally large eyes, shouldn't use make up to make them even bigger.

Linzey Cocker prime example.
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I have Big eyes and nobody ever says bad things about them.

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