Girls: When you're wearing a thong and you go poop, you make sure to wipe THOROUGHLY, amirite?

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This post made the transition from hot to nasty in 0.6 seconds.

I make sure to wipe thoroughly no matter what type of underwear I am wearing.

I'm not sure whether I have any hope for society anymore if that is the only time you wipe thouroughly.

i didn't know girls pooped....ewwww

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No, I wipe thoroughly every time I use the bathroom. :/

Why is this directed towards girls, Guys wear thongs and wipe there but after pooping too.

Yea. Any other type of underwear is, to me, an adult diaper, so I see no need to wipe.

I always wipe well... I look at the tp. I don't understand why you wouldn't wipe THOUROUGHLY every time you go.

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Girls poop?!

@Hipster Girls poop?!

No, this post is a lie. Girls do not poop or fart, it's common knowledge.

if your wear a thong and have to take a #2. Then afterward you better wet a hand towel and wipe it clean.

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