It's sad that Borders is closing all its stores, amirite?

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*&$ internet.....


FlyingGuineaPigs avatar FlyingGuineaPig Yeah You Are +16Reply

But the sales are friggin' fantastic!

Prosopagnosias avatar Prosopagnosia Yeah You Are +5Reply
@Prosopagnosia But the sales are friggin' fantastic!

Why do you think they were having sales?

RunThePacifics avatar RunThePacific Yeah You Are 0Reply
@Prosopagnosia To get rid of stuff, duhh.

Ok, I made a mistake. I thought you meant "Aw, why are they closing? They have awesome sales!" But you really meant "Yes, it's sad they're closing, but the clearance sales were awesome" correct?

RunThePacifics avatar RunThePacific Yeah You Are 0Reply

DAMN I have a gift card with like 2 dollars left on it, too.

IMPs avatar IMP Yeah You Are +3Reply

The biggest Barnes and Noble in my state was a block from my school and closed down (despite the very busy location, tons of high school students, and a college across the street). I was like,okay, there is still a Borders ten blocks away. Now? Not even that! Bookstores are my go-to place!

_Jojo_s avatar _Jojo_ Yeah You Are +3Reply

Woah! I thought they were only closing down in my area! There were 2 Borders and one Barnes and Nobles and now theyre turning into H&M and Marshalls. Its ridiculous. Borders was awesome.

Claras avatar Clara Yeah You Are +2Reply

Borders < Barnes and Nobile, but still it's sad that they're closing.

Yeah it was sad. I was happy getting 5 fantastic novels for under $20 though.

AntiJokeChickens avatar AntiJokeChicken Yeah You Are +1Reply

It's too bad that Border's is closing... has a sad. On the bright side, though, BOOK SALES!

And I agree with FlyingGuineaPig; I prefer legitimate, printed books to an e-book any day. The way the words look on the paper, that familiar book smell, the different colored spines lined up on my shelves...

Maybe it's because of Barnes and Noble? and although its better to read a real book, because some people are messy hoarders, the whole ebook thing would be better for them.

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Time to go blow it!

RunThePacifics avatar RunThePacific Yeah You Are 0Reply

All of the Borders have been bought by another chain in my country, so it'll still be up and running, but I don't like Borders anyway. They're the most expensive of the lot.


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