They're are some fonts you honestly hate, even just looking at, amirite?

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Yeah, like Times New Roman.
I haven't seen it for a while though, what with Windows Vista bringing in Calibri...

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Courier and Bradley Hand ITC and those annoying cursive ones that you can barely read.

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Those are the best papers!

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I honestly don't get why everyone hates Comic Sans... O.o could someone explain it to me?

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Times New Roman. It's hideous. It's all about Arial!

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Papyrus is even more disgusting than Comic Sans.

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I'll write in whatever font makes my papers the longest, courier new does the job even though it's hideous.

I really can't stand Curlz MT

I hate Calibri and Comic Sans.

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n3rd f0n7 !5 4nn0y!n9...BUT...ԵհíՏ ƒօղԵ íՏ Տօ ϲօօӀ! í Ӏօѵҽ íԵ!

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