You secretly still want a tree-house. amirite?

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Yeah, but not secretly. I just really really want one.

Maharincesss avatar Maharincess Yeah You Are +15Reply
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Me too ehe

Yeah, but not for the same reasons hello smilie

BobWilsons avatar BobWilson Yeah You Are +2Reply
@BobWilson Yeah, but not for the same reasons

you're going to hump the floor of your tree house?

Sergs avatar Serg Yeah You Are 0Reply

"I have built a treehouse
I have built a treehouse
Nobody can see us
'Cause it's a you-and-me house

I've been climbing rocks and stones
Been collecting broken bones
I've been swimming across the lakes
Just to find this perfect place
I got lost into the woods
I've been covered up in mud
I've been going through a lot
Just to find this perfect spot"

  • "Treehouse" by I'm From Barcelona

one of my favorites :))))

sparekeys avatar sparekey Yeah You Are +2Reply

Do those seriously exist? I thought they were just an idea in cartoons and such...

It's not a secret! Young at heart represent!!

popcorn_freaks avatar popcorn_freak Yeah You Are +1Reply

No way, man, I have my treehouse. Plus I got to help build it when I was 7. Complete with tire swing.

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