You've never met a married couple who have the same first name, amirite?

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I know a Larl and Carl.

I wish Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift stayed together. Then if they got married, their names would have both been Taylor Lautner. :p

Chris and Christina. Named their daughter Kristin, poor thing

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I read an article once about a couple with the same first and last name (Kelly Hildebrandt) who met on facebook and eventually got married.

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My best friend's parents names are Cornel and Cornelia.

It wouldn't be too bad if you both had the same name, but imagine being with someone who had the same name as one of your parents. That would get really creepy real fast.

I know an Erin and Aaron.

Chells avatar Chell No Way +1Reply

Chris and Chris :)
So they both kept their own last names to avoid confusion

That's because there's only a few androgynous names, and homosexuals can't marry...yet!

i know a girl named Kevyn. :o

I knew a couple whose names were both Cori. It was weird.

Traci and Tracy

I'm staying at my Aunt Carol and Uncle Carroll's house now.

I know a Shannon and Shannon, although the male is generally called Cooper to avoid confusion.

Paul and Paul (Short for Paula). Same last name

Pat and Patti

A lesbian couple. jackye and Jackye. No joke. What's even eerier is that one's an EMT and the other a flight medic, and one of them was my EMS teacher :3

Fattys avatar Fatty No Way 0Reply

My dad (wedding photographer) did a wedding where the couple was Daniel and Danielle

Les and leslie

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