If there's an elderly stranger you see somewhere on a regular basis and you haven't seen them for a while, you assume they're dead, amirite?

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There's an old man who lives down the street from me and if my mom doesn't see him once a day she makes me go knock on his door :|

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There was a story on the news where this elderly woman ordered dominoes pizza everyday for three years. She didn't order pizza for two days, so one of the employees went to her house and found out she was hurt. It saved her life.

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@AwkwardMoments1 I saw that story! She may be overweight now, but atleast she's alive?

Yeah, I guess. I don't understand how you could eat dominoes pizza everyday for three years, though.

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assuming I don't meet them at their job daily then I guess i would.

Come to think of it, that Pryce may be in this same predicament.

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