It's kind of annoying and confusing that there are several words out there that are so commonly thought to mean something they don't mean at all. For example, peruse does not mean "skim over and read quickly" it means to examine it thoroughly. Infamous does not mean "really, really famous" it means famous for being morally corrupt or otherwise unpleasant, amirite?

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I hate when people use the term 'sick' to describe how awesome something is.

Asshole- "My dog is fuckin sick, man."
Me- "OMG?! What's wrong with it??"
Asshole- "Uhh nothing... why would you think something is wrong with him?"
Me- "You said he's sick."
Asshole- "Yea, he is sick... he can do like a hundred tricks."
Me- un smilie

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Just like how understand doesn't mean to stand under, it means understand. Or like how universe doesn't mean "one word" (uni - verse) but instead means this solar system. Or how luggage means something you own, not literally something you lug around.

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I didn't know people thought these things...I suppose people are more stupid than I thought...

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