Take Heed, Expertly Generated Acronyms May Exasperate, amirite?

88%Yeah You Are12%No Way
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Hmm, that's a strange acrony-


This user has deactivated their account.

Well thank you. I don't see why either, I mean I even gave them a warning.

And I was winning the game for several months there... well, off to go make someone else lose!

I was trying to read it as one word...didn't work so well

Ohhhhh, you suck.

Anchored17s avatar Anchored17 Yeah You Are +1Reply

I see what you did there...clever....DAMN YOU!

StacytheHarlots avatar StacytheHarlot Yeah You Are 0Reply

I've been winning at the game for months. Thanks a lot for making me lose. It was a very clever post though.

Mj1996s avatar Mj1996 Yeah You Are 0Reply
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