You don't like it when any of your relatives smoke, amirite?

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Not that it's a big or anything to do with a great thing, but I don't personally share it with a person if they love them let it go and see if it flows and make it okay, but it's not that but it's love to be a day away -Woody Allen

i don't like it when anyone smokes

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@Saigot i don't like it when anyone smokes

I don't either... But I'm a huge fan of The Beatles, and they smoked. I'm also a huge fan of Wilfred (on FX (TV show), but he smokes too. So I don't mind other people.

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During our family ski trips, my dad would take smoke breaks outside...at which point my brother and I would throw snowballs to knock the cigarette out of his hand. Didn't work unfortunately, SIGH.

You made a little bit comment before earlier about that thing in time you don't know about to where your family AND your friends don't like it to make you realize it's not timely or right to put out but they feel it is bad to not do so smoking is not all around in good if I do say so myself. hello smilie

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