The day the E-book replaces the book will be a sad day, amirite?

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the book endured the radio, movies, T.V, Internet and it WILL endure the e-book. There is nothing that compares to the comforting pages of a nice book.

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It's already started.A ton of bookstores have been shutting down lately.

I do want a book reader, but I will probably continue to buy paper books because I collect them. If I really enjoy a book, I must have a hard copy that I can see and hold and put in my bookshelf. It's a sentimental thing.

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Why? Can you imagine how many trees would be saved if we eliminated paper books and made Ebooks cheap to own?

Says the person with the Pottermore emblem as their avatar.
But yes, I do agree with you.

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i like harry potter

It's not going to be just a day, it's taking place already, ever so slowly...

It's the same thing. I get ebooks on my phone with my Kindle app... I have a mountain of books on a shelf. In October I'll walk around with the entire Potter series in my pocket 24/7... They're incredibly convenient. I like books and eboooks equally.

"When I was just a little boy all we got to had do was a shake and a buzz thing but then today, they have those like iPads and such." -Jesse McCartney
Personally, I think it's a BIG in this day and world, but nonetheless good.

h smilie

I recall a similar analogy about how the automobile didn't replace the bicycle, so people shouldn't freak out over ebooks.

I know ebook isn't the same with paperbacks/hardcovers but it's easier to read. Especially if you're going out of town/country and you can't exactly bring your whole collection with you. It's easier if you have an iPad or Kindle.

Who cares? It's the same thing, with less paper.

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