Ripping a paper towel off the roll one-handed is a high risk/low reward maneuver. Succeed and you save about two seconds. Fail and you've re-carpeted your living room with paper towels. amirite?

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But it's a cool looking fail!

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You keep paper towels in your living room?

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@ihatesocks You keep paper towels in your living room?

I know right? Kitchens definitely need paper towels for all the cake batter, bacon grease, etc. you spill all over the place. And putting them in the bathroom is a stretch, its more of a public bathroom thing. But I don't want to make assumptions. Maybe OP's kitchen is in the living room or vice versa.

And this happens to me all the time with toilet paper -.-" in one of my bathrooms, the holder doesn't have an end to it so it flings all over ._.

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Fortunately for me, I'm a professional!

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