hawaii is treadted like a whole different country. you don't see people going around calling someone from delaware "delewarian". and who is the last person you have seen that called a hawaiian an american? also, it is the only state/province i know of that has its own language. amirite?

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I call myself a Texan.
And Hawaii has their own language because they are in fact Hawaiian, and they had their own language before they got so rudely tricked/forced them into becoming part of the US.

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On the issue of "Delewarians"... Most states give their citizens titles like "Hawaiians", but only a couple are obvious. Like Californians, or Texans, or Mainer. The rest of the states have these too, but no one knows what the hell they are.

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It's not like they take offense to it. A lot of Hawaiians don't like to think of themselves as Americans.

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Pueto Rico- though it is just a territory

Yeah, other states call their citizens names, but some of them sound really awkward. One that wasn't mentioned was New Yorker (though it applies to the city more often).

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I prefer illini, it sounds cooler.

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We should get rid of Hawaii and take control of Canada. wary smilie

@Serg We should get rid of Hawaii and take control of Canada.

good luck with that... we have hockey sticks and maple syrup

@and moose and parkas, so...

yeah bro, i see it now. we lure them in with suductive women dressed in scantily clad santa outfit, where they will walk into our maple syrup floor and will be stuck there, their screams for help will be our cue to ride in on our moose's and polar bear's (our parkas acting as bulletproof vests) and we beat them to death with our hockey sticks..... its fool proof

Alaska has it's own language, too. (Inuit, I think?) Just sayin'.

Providence, and like Colette said, Californians/Texans/Mainers
I call myself a Georgian, for example.

Agreed with everything else though

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What's your point? Neither is California, Texas, Maine or Georgia. They're states. As is Hawaii

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Oh, haha. Nah, it's no big deal. That was me forgetting province is a word.

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Apparently I'm a "Bay Stater".

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There were indigenous languages in all the other states too but we exterminated them all...

There are some advantages of this concept, though. No passport and you feel like you're going to a foreign country.

Alabamian/Alabaman, Alaskan, Arizonian/Arizonan, Arkansan, Californian, Colorodoan/Colorodan, Connecticut is Nutmegger, Delawarean, DC has no name, Floridian/Floridan also sometimes referred to as a Gator or Cracker, Georgian, Hawaiian, Idahoan, Illinoisan, Indianian/Indianan, Iowan, Kansan, Kentuckian, Louisianan/Louisianian, Mainer, Marylander, Massachusetts is Bay Stater, Michigander/Michiganite, Minnesotan, Mississippian, Montanan, Nebraskan, Nevadan/Nevadian, New Hampshireman/New Hampshirite, New Jerseyite/New Jerseyan, New Mexican, New Yorker, North Carolinian, North Dakotan, Ohioan, Oklahoman, Oregonian, Pennsylvanian, Rhode Islander, South Carolinian, South Dakotan, Tennesseean/Tennessean, Texan, Utahan/Utahn, Vermonter, Virginian, Washingtonian, West Virginian, Wisconsinite[Cheeseheads apparently are not the official name], Wyomingite. DC is the only one without a name but it might be the whole if they got a name it would show favortism or something.

@stepdom Alabamian/Alabaman, Alaskan, Arizonian/Arizonan, Arkansan, Californian, Colorodoan/Colorodan, Connecticut is...

Technically neither of those two for Michigan are right (Michiganian) but everyone says "Michigander."

Alaska is kind of the same way, though i don't think they speak a different language

It's because the natives of Hawaii are from a different place then other native Americans. Native Hawaiians come mainly from Polynesia, whereas mainland native Ameicans are just kind of from the mainland. And then there's the whole different language thing.

Canada may have hockey sticks and syrup, but we have a real army. We should take them over!! Haha

Hawaiian people call u dumb haole's because they want too n because ur not from that island

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i don't think it should be part of the u.s... along with alaska

@TheSexyWaffle why?

because it's like in the middle of the ocean it's not even attached to the u.s. lol what is the point... plus it's like tropical and nice there and stuff it's doesn't strike me as american.
and i think alaska should become part of the yukon

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