After a teenager gets their permit, their parents should buy them the car that they want. That way, they will know how to drive their future car instead of their parents car, dealing with a different kind of vehicle and settings in the car, amirite?

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Oh, ABSOLUTELY! Also, while you're at it, you better buy all your children the houses they want ASAP so that they'll be used to their future houses rather than their parents'.

OP sounds super spoiled.

Your parents don't have to buy you shit other than clothes, food, and shelter.

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Their first car should be older than dirt. That way they learn to handle when things go wrong and if they do have an minor accident while learning to park, using mirrors or merging into traffic no one is out a lot of money.

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@Their first car should be older than dirt. That way they learn to handle when things go wrong and if they do have...

It's harder to find parts for older cars in the case of an accident, and they're often more expensive to fix and maintain. I agree that an older car is a better choice for a first car, but they're not always cheaper options.

Yeah, because a world full of rich spoiled kids who just got their temporaries sounds like the best kind of world.

Just learn on a manual. If you can drive a manual, you can drive anything.

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no smilie

It's not bad to want a new car, but it kind of proves that you're a spoiled brat when you expect one before you even turn sixteen.

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because your parents don't already have a shit load to pay for let's just get a new car before we even turn 16

When teens get their license, they should buy their own car so they can learn the value of a dollar so that they don't spend it on frivolous shit all the time.

If only life was that easy, kid.

When teens get their liscense, they should stop being so fucking self centered they expect everything in life to be given to you for free. Try not being a spoiled rich kid sometime. White whine.

It's really not that hard to adjust to other cars, especially if they are both automatic. I learned how to drive in my mother's car which is automatic and I'm still doing okay driving my car, which is a stick shift.

or you could get a big version of Image in content and save gas,money, the enviroment but if I am not mistakened you have to power by your feet.

You should learn to adapt. You're not always going to have the same car forever. Why not learn now instead of later? Think of it this way, would you have rather learned to walk when you were a baby, or when you were 35?

My mom actually did this because her truck is huge and I nearly crashed it the first time I drove it. I didn't get some fancy new car or anything, just a smaller, used truck.

Unlike some other teens, though, I fully intend to pay her back once I get a job.

Kinda happened to me. I got a volvo :) and I felt uber spoiled. But it's not exactly uncommon around here

"Here sweetie here is your new car, say goodbye to your college edumacation. Wave to it as it goes to someone who actually needs it."

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