If only the temperatures during the summer were the grades on your report card, amirite?

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30s? That's a fail.

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Only Americans use Fahrenheit.

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115? I'd get so much butt kiss from my mom.

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I don't think my mum likes my grades to be in the negatives. It's not like if I'm living on a giant ice cube.

Uhhh its about 60 most of the time in Washington... i dont think i would want that grade lol

It would be unbearably hot.

I recently vacationed in Ireland, where it rained every day and peaked at about 75 Fahrenheit. I was wearing sweaters and a heavy scarf almost daily.

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I live in Canada, and the highest the temperature gets here during the summer is 50. My mother would not be pleased.

San Francisco's weather is awesome year round, from what I hear.

If they were, you wouldn't be in summer school.

It's usually in the 80s... Not good enough.

It already is where I live. And our air conditioner is broke at work. So we work in 90-100 degree heat.

Yeah not in Seattle.

Mid to late 20s and early 30s? No thanks.

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