You're stuck making bad chemistry jokes because all the good ones Argon, amirite?

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This is pure Au!

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@Khauri_Bourne This is pure Au!

Gold has the element symbol Au because if someone snatches your gold chain, you chase after them shouting Au, give me back my chain!

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This is funnier than gas! He He He

Do I know any Potassium jokes? Na

Apathys avatar Apathy Yeah You Are +4Reply

Tell a potassium joke. K
Tell a sodium joke. Na

IMO, chemistry puns are Boron.

you got it from memebase

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@crazyvt22 you got it from memebase

You DO know that Memebase rarely posts original jokes, right? Most of the things on there are stolen off of other websites and not given credit. This one has been circulating around forever. It's still funny, though.

@crazyvt22 you got it from memebase

You think I go on MEMEBASE? Man, that's low. I'm offended.

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