Sometimes you wonder if all inventions can someday be invented, and nobody will be able to come up with new ideas because they have all been imagined, amirite?

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There will always be more needs, new ideas, and increased technology

With increasing technology, I'm sure people will think of ideas we couldn't hope to imagine. Before the wheel was created, I doubt people were thinking about creating spaceships.

I somethings will think that, yes, but it's only me musing. Really I think there will always be new things to be invented.

it is crazy to wonder how the world could possibly get any higher tech than it already is. people can accomplish amazing things.

Some dude said that all that can be invented has been invented in like 1900. Then came perhaps the most creative century in the history of mankind in terms of inventions. There will always be more that can be invented.

same with books, movies and songs

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