2-D glasses would be one of the coolest things ever. It'd be amazing to walk through a forest or city seeing everything in only two dimensions. Imagine how awesome it would be when you take them off and see a new world again, amirite?

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It'd be like that thing in Super Paper Mario where Mario can switch through dimensions!

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It would be cool, yes... Though I feel like trying to walk in a two-dimensional world would be disorienting and extremely difficult. Not just walking, either. EVERYTHING would be harder without perceived depth.

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They exist, it's called wearing an eyepatch.

@Unenthusiastic Pretty sure you still have depth perception

Nope depth perception comes from the way our eyes are mounted in our heads. We synthesize two points of view into something that resembles 3D vision.

@Unenthusiastic Pretty sure you still have depth perception

Only a very minor depth perception based on focal lengths, useless for smaller measurements of depth.

Did you steal this from highdeas?

Well now... Go invent them Einstein.

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