Amirite is like a town. The home page is Main Street. Post yours, just in and random are side streets. Groups is that new subdivision. Community and 'best of' is the library and town center with the archives and records. Help is the hospital/school. The bottom links are alleys. Our profiles are our homes. Anthony's profile is the mayor's house. The Amirite Guy is our statue in the middle of town. Amirite?

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And the Mods are the police.

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@FlyingGuineaPig And the Mods are the police.

That works out great, because some will attack you for no reason wary smilie

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This is undoubtably the product of boredom.

The trolls that get banned are like criminals in prison.

The achievement levels are like the school system - the better you do, the higher you go.

The anonymous posters are visitors to the town - some stay a bit longer, others just pass through.

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The captcha images before you post are door to door salesmen. Some are harder to get rid of than others.

StickCavemans avatar StickCaveman Yeah You Are +10Reply

The popular people (Powerserg, Credetemi, so on) are the local celebrities.


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The ads are billboards.

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And the notifications are events for certain people. The POTD is the local good guy . . .

TheRaftsmans avatar TheRaftsman Yeah You Are +1Reply

You've gone waaay too into this.

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