There's always that one teacher at school that looks like they should be a model. Amirite?

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My language arts teacher/soccer coach was an underwear model. It's a little creepy. He brought in pictures.

It's really weird when guys hit on them.

Or one that looks like she Got attacked by a bear.

Ravens avatar Raven Yeah You Are +5Reply

There was a female science teacher at my school that all the boys crushed on, and a male social studies teacher that all the girls crushed on. My friends and I thought that they should have gotten together.

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i want to go where you go! ahah

kackys avatar kacky No Way +3Reply

One of the freshmen/junior English teachers at my high school. The boys would say the most...interesting things about her after class

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My English teacher, looked like Megan Fox(before plastic surgery), no joke, she was the girls track coach and her body was kickin' ;)

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There's this science teacher at my old middle school that looked like an Indian Godess. She had like flawless long dark hair Kim K would be jealous of and was just plain gorgeous. Then this year there was a super hot sub and a really pretty English teacher and everyone wanted them to date but she's moving to China to teach English.

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my p.e./spanish teacher... oh how the boys love ms. pena

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Well my school has this old librarian who knows where each and every book goes ;)

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My grade 8 art teacher, Ms Olander. I remember some of the guys would check her out when she walked around.

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