Dogs: Roses are gray, and Violets are Gray, amirite?

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Dogs: Roses are food, violets are food...

"Why is the sky grey? Why is the grass grey? Why is a rainbow grey, grey, grey, grey, grey, grey and infra grey?"


Dogs are green-blind which is one form of red-green color blindness also called deuteranopia. So they see the world in yellow, blue, and gray. With some brown/black/white. To them roses (I assume you're referring to red roses) would appear to be more black and violets would be a darker blue.

Roses are gray and Violets are gray,who let the dogs out.

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Silly humans with their silly poems LMAO!!

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You want to leave, but i want to stay.

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I think violets would be a dark gray...

thats actually kinda sad :(

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@DaAce96 thats actually kinda sad :(

yea but they're used to it

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