You hate when it is dark and then your brain is like, "Hey, you know what we haven't thought of in a while?... Monsters," amirite?

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"Hey you know what? There's probably some creepy ghost/demon hovering right outside your door waiting for you to fall asleep so it can murder you. Let's keep thinking about it."

I_Predict_A_Riots avatar I_Predict_A_Riot Yeah You Are +19Reply

I think of ghosts.

WoahElles avatar WoahElle Yeah You Are +11Reply

It's kind of like this: Image in content

I love the way this post is worded.

SeaChelles avatar SeaChelle Yeah You Are +7Reply

Hahaha this post seriously made me laugh. I don't know why it was so funny to me...probably because it's so accurate.

Monsters and demons and Slenderman, oh my.

I think about Sarah Jessica Parker ..

Anonymous +5Reply

More like rapist and robbers, especially when I'm alone

LovelyGreens avatar LovelyGreen Yeah You Are +4Reply

I think about that girl from The Grudge >.>

Dammit Dwight!

And spiders... Always happens right before I go to bed o_o

JoyStars avatar JoyStar Yeah You Are +3Reply

I heard that yesterday!!!!!!!!! I can't think where but I heard it yesterday.

thedoctormerlins avatar thedoctormerlin Yeah You Are +2Reply

I think about Mothman...

meysenburgers avatar meysenburger Yeah You Are +1Reply

you know that episode of supernatural were the two kids are living in the walls of the farm house, and they look really really creepy?
yeah... that's what i always think of right before i go to bed.

it's season four episode 11

I think about Pennywise from It :O

rubs forehead twice

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