If you had Morgan Freeman's voice, you'd sit in a corner and talk to yourself all day, amirite?

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I'd prank call people as well.

Shugahs avatar Shugah Yeah You Are +13Reply

Or Alan Rickman.

Dirait_ons avatar Dirait_on Yeah You Are +12Reply

Not that I don't do this anyway...

Sarcasm_on_ices avatar Sarcasm_on_ice Yeah You Are +11Reply

I'd hide walkie talkies in people's carts at the grocery store and narrate what they do.

or Helen Keller

Anonymous +8Reply

I'd narrate my own life. "And he picks up the pen, and then forgets what he needs to do after walking four steps. In frustration, he sets the pen down and heads into another room. All of a sudden, he remembers what he needed to do. However, he now can not find the pen."

Lazynezs avatar Lazynez Yeah You Are +8Reply

Or James Earl Jones.

If I could show my appreciation and love for this anymore than I possibly can, I would.

Predators avatar Predator Yeah You Are +1Reply

and roscoe lee browne and richard mcgonagle

tartheads avatar tarthead Yeah You Are -1Reply
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