Adventure Time with Finn & Jake seems to be about drugs. I mean, besides all the crazy things that go on, why else would they nickname a character (LSP) so close to the drug LSD? amirite?

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This show may not be about drugs (because it is infact about a post apocalyptic world) but it does have many drug/sexual references. Is it really a happen chance that in princess bubble gums spell book there's 'boobies' written backwards? F&J have a torn poster of a naked girl in their living room? When finn wears the smart glasses he actually says he's forcing the people to release dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Is it any coincidence that the wizard toad 'Bufo' is awfully close to the fact that the hallucenogenic/pshychoactive properties of a toad's back are made up of 1) DMT and 2) bufotenins otherwise known as bufotoxins. Or that finn gives a beggar a sugar cube and soon after he became a wizard - when LSD was commonly put on sugar cubes in the 60's. Or that nearly every scene in this show has a mushroom. Plus the portal to LSP's world is through a toad on a mushroom? Not to mention that when f&j lose their house to marceline, jake says that house hunting will be 'totally nuts', and as he says this the scene shows the stretched out jake carrying finn in which jakes jowls hang low and resemble '...' (i think you know what those dots mean). Subliminal messages are everywhere folks!!!

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they have that episode where finn brings out the sugar cube to give to the begger... and LSD is commonly put on sugar cubes.

then in one of the newer episodes finn puts on the smart glasses and at one point references Dimethyltryptamine which is a super powerful psychedelic drug

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they talk about fucking dmt and the pineal gland!!!!

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My favorite one is season 2 when Finn and Jake are talking about how they've been awake for 7 days straight. Then when they try to sleep, Finn says he can't sleep because he feels like he's being watched... Tweakers! And then when princess bubblegum asks finn to bring her a bunch of stuff after she gets possessed by the Lich King. Finn comes back with bleach and ammonia and battery acid, pretty much all the ingredients in meth. This show is great for children because it has good values, but it's also fun to watch as an adult, because we understand the underlying references. Hands Down favorite cartoon of all time

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My 11 year old sister watched this show for the first time then bought a sheet of acid and an ounce of mushrooms and got addicted to meth. This show is evil!

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this show makes me wet.

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The show is the best and her name is Lumpy Space Princess. LSP for short. and who cares if it is on drugs or not? It still effing awesome!!

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I'm surprised no-ones mentioned the bears who are having a massive rave with a very clearly pilled up Party Pat in the belly of a monster (that they think is a cave, anyone ever heard of a rave in a cave?)

And the show isn't 'about drugs,' but, like the Simpsons, it's able to make jokes on numerous levels that can only be understood when an individual grows up and through his/her experiences is exposed to the darker sides of life, like drugs, which they were protected from as children and therefore understand references completely lost to them as kids. Think about watching an episode of the Simpsons as child, did you understand the political, sociological and satirical jokes about the world we live in? If you did fair play, but most likely they went over your head, just like the drug references (such as Lisa constantly hallucinating over the seasons and Homer, in an attempt to control his anger, being into 'Candles, relaxing music...and horse tranquillizer (ketamine).'

And people who are on drugs watch often watch shows like this and the producers know it, so put these things in to appeal to a wider audience and therefore bump up the viewing figures.

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it's not the fact that the acronyms sound the same, there are many key clues which lead to the actual reference the show is trying to make. this show contains vast amounts of actual, real-life applicable knowledge!

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yeah and they go through a portal that is a toad and a mushroom. like really? what are the kids learning ha. and they drink alchol sometimes.

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Go away. This is old. Why you comment on it!? D:

Just bought season 1. I looooooove the ganja.

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Some monitors are called LCD, that's close to LSD too, doesn't mean anything. If you are really basing your opinion on an acronym that is close to a drug, you are a bit over analyzing it.

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@Some monitors are called LCD, that's close to LSD too, doesn't mean anything. If you are really basing your opinion...

Chill out. lol I'm not saying that the show is in fact 100% about drugs. It's a joke. Deal with it.

i agree with him ^^^^^^^

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what the heck adventure time is so awesome i love it

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man this show reminds me of the misadventures of flapjack D:(which was the shit)

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i like turtles

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i love to watch that show when im high lol its totaly about drugs lol. so manny refrences.

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cant wait for the 16th. new adventure time

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me and friend accidently watched the show a couple of weeks ago.. and we were like.. dude.. this show is totally about drugs.. they visit the crystal dimension. and the elephant wants to have sex with finn.. then there was a marathon. so me and my friend smoked alot of weed and watched adventure time for like 5 hours straight! its the best cartoon show ever

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shrooms + Adventure time = the best fucking trip ever!

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Adventure time is great they do have stuff where show loss and "potions" that turn you into stuff and have MAGIC but who cares drug references its little kids watching they don't know shit about drugs so what do you worry about its just a show with writers having a little fun damn

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how is it even on with so many drug references?

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The episode titled "Her Parents" Finn says "Let's go powder our noses".

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adventure time is awesome like drugs i hope all kids learn the good side of drugs

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Oh mygod you guys have sick minds!!!! People have there own pinions on the freaking show !!!!!!! And my brother watches this show ALL the time!! I dont mean just a few episodes, I meenz evy spare monet he haz ( I actuly donts likz iz) but if you don't even like the fricin show, why are you comin here leavin comments on it ? Just stocking the Internet annoying peeps? You guys are obviosly sick If you think these things while you watch and innocent cartoon ( that actully does have some bad things)

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This show = stupid!!! I can't believe my little cousins watch this crap!!

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